The Asia Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium (ATPS) will be held 13-15 March, 2018 at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.  ATPS will offer a world-class educational forum in combination with an international exhibition for working engineers in both the turbomachinery and pump industries.


VENUE - Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre



One of the distinguishing elements of all Turbo Lab symposia is the technical program.  The program is selected by an advisory committee comprised of industry leaders from around the world.  View the full technical program for more information.

Session Types

  • Short Course - a full-day training session presented on the first day of the Symopsium 
  • Lecture - a presentation of a technical paper detailing cutting-edge, emerging technology
  • Tutorial - a mini short course/workshop. It is a 90-minute teaching process
  • Discussion Group - a forum in which leaders and delegates participate together to share topical problems, solutions, and best practices.
  • Case Study - a short presentation describing the successful implementation of established technology to solve a real-world problem.


  • Centrifugal and Reciprocating Compressor Design, Operation, and Maintenance
  • Effects of Radial and Axial Load Forces in Rotating Machinery
  • Stability and Efficiency of Turbines and Compressors
  • Trends in Mechanical Seals, Air Foil Bearings, and Wet and Dry Gas Seals
  • Diagnostics and Solutions associated with Pump Vibration and Cavitation
  • Magnetic,  Mechanical, and Fluid Bearing Design, Operation, and Maintenance


View the exhibit hall section on our website for more information.