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Case Study:

A Case Study is a short presentation describing the successful implementation of established, field-tested technology to solve a real-world problem.  Up to two Case Studies are presented in one 60 minute slot.

Discussion Group:

Discussion Group is a 90 minute forum in which leaders and attendees can address problems brought to the floor by attendees and find solutions to those problems through dialogue.


A Lecture is a presentation of a technical paper detailing cutting-edge, emerging technology, two lectures are presented consecutively in one 90-minute time slot.


A Tutorial is a 90-minute mini short course/workshop.  It is a teaching process.

Technical Briefing:

A Technical Briefing is a short length communication describing advances in a specific topic or issue. Unlike a Case Study (CS), the TB aims to showcase relevant information related to (measured) improvements in performance, predictions of system behavior, etc (not necessarily associated to resolving an actual machine operational issue).