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Lecture 1: Development of High-Pressure Ratio and Wide-Operating Range 700bar Compressor

Authors: Shinichiro Tokuyama (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation) Diogo Yoshikazu Ujihara (PETROBRAS), Akihiro Nakaniwa, Satoshi Saburi (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

Lecture 2: Centrifugal Compressor Surge Control Systems - Fundamentals of a Good Design

Authors: Kamal Botros (NOVA Chemicals), Steven Hill (Williams Gas Pipeline), Jordan Grose (BETA Machinery Analysis)

Lecture 3: Solutions To Requirements On Electrical Drives In O&G Applications

Authors: Vijay Ganesan, Stephan Busse, Sven Demmig (Siemens AG)

Lecture 4: Definition of a Screening Criterion for Centrifugal Compressor Vibrations Induced by Inlet Gas Flow

Authors: Michele Fontana, Andrea Bernocchi, Alessandro Carnevali, Leonardo Baldassarre

Lecture 5: Design Validation of High Speed Ratio Epicyclic Gear Technology in Compression Systems

Authors: Gaspare Maragioglio, Giuseppe Vannini (GE Oil & Gas), Paul Bradley, Shawn Buckley (Allen Gears)

Lecture 6: Meeting Compression Train Base Package Design Requirements for Service on Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels

Authors: Harry Miller, Ed Abraham (Dresser-Rand Company)

Lecture 7: Experimental Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Online Water-Washing in Gas Turbine Compressors

Authors: Klaus Brun, Terrence Grimley (Southwest Research Institute), William Foils (BP Exploration & Production), Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc.)

Lecture 8: Turbo Expander Technology Contribution in Development of Ethylene Plant Process

Authors: Reza Agahi, Behrooz Ershaghi (Atlas Copco Gas and Process), Saleh Al Halaki (QAPCO), Trevor Mayne (Qenos Altona Olefins)

Lecture 9: Structural Dynamic Behavior of Frame 9E GTG Module for LNG Plant

Authors: Marco Giancotti, Stefano Fattori, Roberto Biondi, Alessio Margiotta (GE Oil & Gas)

Lecture 10: Effect of Inlet Cooling on the Performances of Isotherm Main Air Compressor Used for ASU Applications

Authors: Luca Porreca (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG), Wentao Zhu (Bosch Mahle Turbosystems Austria GmbH)

Lecture 11: The Challenge for the Accurate Determination of the Axial Rotor Thrust in Centrifugal Compressors

Authors: Yves Bidaut, Dominique Dessibourg (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)

Lecture 12: Evaluation of Various Methods for Manufacturing One Piece, Small Tip Opening Centrifugal Compressor Impellers

Authors: Scot Laney, Derrick Bauer, Akiyoshi Ando (Elliott Group)

Lecture 13: Coupled Torsional and Lateral Analysis for the Determination of the Damping of the First Torsional Mode of Synchronous Motor Driven Compressor Trains

Authors: Jean-Claude Pradetto, Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG)

Lecture 14: Operation of Centrifugal Compressors in Choke Conditions

Authors: Rainer Kurz, Russell K. Marechale, Edward J. Fowler, Min Ji, Michael J. Cave (Solar Turbines Incorporated)

Lecture 15: Squeeze Film Dampers: An Experimental Appraisal of Their Dynamic Performance

Authors: Luis San Andrés, Sung-hwa Jeung, Sean Den (TAMU), Gregory Savela (Pratt & Whitney Engines, UTC)

Lecture 16: Four Quadrant Centrifugal Compressor Performance

Authors: Elisabetta Belardini, Dante Tommaso Rubino, Libero Tapinassi, Marco Pelella (GE Oil & Gas)


Tutorial 1: Gas Turbine Performance

Authors: Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines, Inc.), Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute)

Tutorial 2: Stability Considerations - A Simplified Approach

Author: Urs Baumann

Tutorial 3: An End-User's Guide to Centrifugal Pump Rotordynamics

Author: Bill Marscher

Tutorial 4: Regional Machinery Best Practices

Authors: William Eugene Forsthoffer, Michael Sean Forsthoffer (Forsthoffer Associates, Inc.)

Tutorial 5: Combustion, Fuels and Emissions for Industrial Gas Turbines

Authors: Michael Welch, Brian M. Igoe, David Wilson (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd.)

Tutorial 6: Simplified Modal Analysis for the Plant Machinery Engineer

Authors: Jose A. Vazquez C., Hunter Cloud (BRG Machinery Consulting LLC), Robert J. Eizember (DuPont Company)

Tutorial 7: Application and Design of Integrally Geared Compressors

Authors: Karl Wygant, Jonathan Bygrave, Werner Bosen, Rob Pelton (Samsung Techwin)

Tutorial 8: Carbon Foot Print Reduction Techniques with Rotating Machinery

Authors: Vasanth Bhat, Quek Ser King Aaron (Singapore Refining Company)

Tutorial 9: Technical Challenges for Compressors and Steam Turbines for Efficient and Sustainable Operation in Mega Ethylene Plants

Authors: Satoshi Hata, Kyoichi Ikeno, Akinori Tasaki, Matt Walton, Abhay Jain

Tutorial 10 Combo: Control Systems

Tutorial 11: Piping and Machinery Integrity on Structurally Resonant Platforms and FPSOs

Authors: Michael Cyca, Kelly Eberle, Guy Gendron (BETA Machinery Analysis)

Tutorial 12: The Development of API 682 4th Edition

Author: Peter Bowden

Tutorial 13: Gas Turbine Packaging Options and Features

Authors: Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute), Rainer Kurz, Bernhard Winkelman (Solar Turbines, Inc.)

Tutorial 14: Fundamentals of Fluid Film Journal Bearing Operation and Modeling

Authors: Minhui He, C. Hunter Cloud, James M. Byrne, Jose A. Vazquez (BRG Machinery Consulting, LLC)

Tutorial 15: Couplings - Balancing Tutorial & "New Developments in Gas Turbine Couplings"

Authors: Joe Corcoran, Christian Wolford (Altra Couplings)

Tutorial 16: Remaining Life Assessment of Steam Turbine and Hot Gas Expander Components

Authors: David Dowson, Derrick Bauer (Elliott Group)

Tutorial 17: Considerations in the Design of VFD Motor-Driven Compressors

Author: Masayuki Kita

Tutorial 18: Shop Rotordynamic Testing - Options, Objectives, Benefits & Practices

Authors: C. Hunter Cloud (BRG Machinery Consulting LLC), John Kocur (ExxonMobil Research & Engineering)

Tutorial 19 Combo: Dry Gas Seals

Tutorial 20: Hydrodynamic Torque Converters for Oil & Gas Compression and Pumping Applications: Basic Principles, Performance Characteristics and Applications

Authors: Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute), Christoph Meyenberg (Voith Turbo), Joseph Thorp (Aramco Services)

Tutorial 21: Integrating Dynamic Machinery Performance with Component Condition to Optimize Reliability

Authors: William Eugene Forsthoffer, Michael Sean Forsthoffer (Forsthoffer Associates, Inc.)

Tutorial 22: (Panel Session) Subsea Compression Applications

Authors: Jose Gilarranz, William Maier (Dresser-Rand), Urs Baumann (MAN Diesel & Turbo), Richard Barratt (Siemens Energy), Manuele Bigi (GE O&G)

Discussion Groups

Discussion Group 1: Transmission elements: Couplings and Alignment, Gears

Leaders: Chris Wolford (Altra Couplings), Joe Corcoran (Kop-Flex), Gaspare Maragioglio (GE O&G)

Discussion Group 2: Dry Gas Seals: General (Installation, Operation, Troubleshooting, and Retrofitting), controls

Leaders: S.P. Asokan (Flowserve), Daniel Goebel (Eagle-Burgmann), Leonardo Baldassarre (GE OG), Athal Doorenbos (Dresser-Rand), Teo Woon Lip (ExxonMobil Chemical), Vasanth Bhat (Singapore Refining Company), Michael Sean Forsthoffer, William Eugene Forsthoffer (Forsthoffer Associates, Inc.)

Discussion Group 3: Steam Turbines: Operation & Maintenance

Leaders: Takeshi Hataya (MHI), Ronald Josefczyk (Elliott Group), Elumalai Subramani (ExxonMobil Chemical), Arun Kumar (HMEL)

Discussion Group 4: Centrifugal Pumps: Operation, Maintenance and reliability, Vertical Pump Problems and Solutions

Leaders: Jihoon Yoon (Dongyang Chemical Pump,) Bruno Schiavello (Flowserve), Kenneth Atkins (Engineering Dynamics, Inc)

Discussion Group 5: Turbomachinery and Pump Vibrations

Leaders: Bill Marscher (Mechanical Solutions), An Sung Lee (KIMM), Eric Olson (Mechancial Soutions), C. Hunter Cloud (BRGmachinery), Jim Byrne (BRGmachinery), Joe Tecza (Dresser-Rand), Marimuthu Gurusamy, Kenneth Atkins (Engineering Dynamics, Inc), Gaspare Maragioglio (GE Oil & Gas)

Discussion Group 6: Centrifugal Compressors: Operation and maintenance, advanced design, wet and sour gas operation

Leaders: Urs Baumann (Man Turbo), Leonardo Baldassarre (GE O&G), Jay Koch (Dresser-Rand) , Jose Gilarranz (Dresser-Rand), Shin Konomi (Elliott Group), Ashutosh Vengurlekar (ExxonMobil), Arun Kumar (HMEL)

Discussion Group 7: Other compressors: reciprocating, screw (wet and dry), integrally geared, AND Turbo-expanders

Leaders: Armando Guerrero (International Oil & Gas Consultants), Kenneth Atkins (Engineering Dynamics, Inc), Manoj Gupta (Dresser-Rand), Klaus Brun (SwRI) , Karl Wygant (Samsung), Andre Eijk (TNO) and Thomas Emminger (HOERBIGER)

Discussion Group 8: Gas Turbines: Operation & Maintenance

Leaders: Klaus Brun (SwRI), Rainer Kurz (Solar Turbines), Hussain Al-Baloshi (Qater Pet), Peter Collins (Inpex), Manoj Gupta (Dresser-Rand)

Discussion Group 9: Lubrication: Fluid Film Bearings: operation, maintenance, troubleshooting

Leaders: Minhui He (BRGmachinery), John Whalen (John Crane), Jim Byrne (BRGmachinery), Brian Pettinato (Elliott Group), An Sung Lee (KIMM)

Discussion Group 10: Mechanical (Liquid) Seals: General (Installation, Operation, Troubleshooting, and Retrofitting)

Leaders: S.P. Asokan (Flowserve), Shifeng Wu (A.W. Chesterton Co), John Morton (John Crane), Nikolaus Necker (EagleBurgmann)

Discussion Group 11: Magnetic Bearings

Leaders: Armando Guerrero (International Oil & Gas Consultants), Rasish Khatri (Dresser-Rand), Jay Koch (Dresser-Rand), Sreenivas Raghavendr (Shell India Markets Private Limited)

Discussion Group 12: Protective Systems: Controls & Overspeed Trip

Leaders: Manoj Gupta (Dresser-Rand), Amit Saxena (Dresser-Rand), Teo Woon Lip (ExxonMobil Chemical)

Technical Briefs

Technical Brief 1: Dry Gas Seal Contamination During Operation and Pressurized Hold - Background and Potential Solutions

Authors: Daniel Goebel, Glenn Schmidt

Technical Brief 2: Mechanical Seals with DiamondFace Technology Used in Different Pipeline Services

Author: Nicholas Necker

Technical Brief 3: Using Non-Standard Materials for Couplings on Special Turbomachinery Applications

Author: Jack Xu (Altra Industrial Motion)

Technical Brief 4: Dynamic Analysis of a Multi-Stage Compressor Train

Authors: Augusto Garcia-Hernandez, Jeffrey A. Bennett, Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute)

Technical Brief 5: Field Evaluation of an Offshore Pumping System

Authors: Jeffrey A. Bennett, Augusto Garcia-Hernandez (Southwest Research Institute), Marco Antonio Muñoz Prior, Moisés León Dorantes (PEMEX)

Technical Brief 6: Frequency Dependence of Piles' Dynamic Stiffness

Authors: Marco Giancotti, Alessio Margiotta (GE Oil & Gas), Maurizio Orlando, Paolo Spinelli (University of Florence)

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Stress Corrosion Failure of a Low Pressure Disk from a 800MW Steam Turbine

Author: Anthony Tipton

Case Study 2: 2 Case Studies on Unique Machinery Repair Techniques: Brush Plating Repair of Eroded Compressor Diaphragm - Combining 2 Failed Gearboxes into 1 Functional and Reliable Gearbox

Authors: Stan Uptigrove, Chin Tze-Hur, Karl Edward (ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc.

Case Study 3: Steam Turbine Vibration Resonance of Pedestal, Vibration Investigation with Countermeasures in Singapore

Authors: Kyoichi Ikeno Makoto Katagake, Satoshi Hata (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation)

Case Study 4: High Vibration Problem Resolution in Centrifugal Pump through Design Change

Authors: Mahesh Shet Arun Kumar, Navneet Singh

Case Study 5: Polytropic Efficiency Improvements and Sustenance on Centrifugal Compressor: Corrosion Erosion and Impact of Fouling

Authors: Tan Chek Zin, Ng Wei Sing, Arni R. Tharakaram (ExxonMobil, Singapore), Satoshi Koguchi (Hitachi Japan)

Case Study 6: Emergency Damage Restoration Experiences of 25MW Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine: Bearing Retrofit Design and Test Run

Authors: An Sung Lee Byung Ok Kim, and Kyung Ho Sun (KIMM), Byeong Kyu Park, Young-Soon Bae (LG Chem Ltd.)

Case Study 7: Case Study on Remote Diagnostics in Resolving Random Vibration on a Steam Turbine

Authors: R. Sankar Ganesh Muhammad Zeeshan Iqbal

Case Study 8: Investigation & Resolution on Oxination Feed Pump Pulsation Related fatigue failures

Authors: Arni Rajaram Tharakaram, Mr. Saqib Ashraf (ExxonMobil), Mr. Rudiger Bullert (LEWA GmbH), Mr. Harry Korst, Mr. André Eijk (TNO)

Case Study 9: Adapting Compression Equipment to Accommodate Declining Well Pressures and Ensure Overall Efficiency in Mid/Late Field Life

Authors: Ben Gunn Rainer Kurz, Jonathan Bender (Solar Turbines), Joel Hayes, Yakin Hai, Aning Restu Utami (ConocoPhillips)

Case Study 10: Repair of Severely Damaged Rotor as an Emergency Spare

Authors: Scot Laney Doug Richards (Elliott Group), Nicholas White (RASGAS)

Case Study 11: Revamp of Steam Turbine for Synthesis Gas Compressor at NFL Nangal

Author: Rakesh Markan

Case Study 12: Bad Actor Elimination in Pumps

Authors: Vasanth Bhat Thangavel Suthan (Singapore Refining Company)

Case Study 13: Investigation of Process Gas Compressor Shaft Vibration Phenomena

Authors: Ashutosh Vengurlekar Teo Woon Lip, Nathan Little (ExxonMobil Research and Engineering), Satoru Yoshida (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation)

Case Study 14: Dry Gas Seal Failure and Trouble Shooting

Authors: A. Manikandan (GE Oil & Gas) Moorthy Subramaniyam (EagleBurgmann Middle East FZE, UAE)

Case Study 15: Abrupt Stoppage of Turbine Rotor, Running on Barring after Major Overhauling

Authors: Ranga Reddy Ravi S. Reddy

Case Study 16: Enhancement of Pump/Plant Performance by Correct Evaluation of Process Fluid Viscosity Variations and Pump Geometry

Authors: Giancarlo Cicatelli Bruno Schiavello (Flowserve)

Case Study 17: Effects of Shaft Geometric Unconformities on the Rotor-Dynamic Behavior in Hard Coupled Equipment

Authors: Gianluca Boccadamo Paolo Agnoletti, Gaspare Maragioglio (GE Oil & Gas)

Case Study 18: The Importance of Structural Modal Analysis in 2 Poles Induction Motors for LNG Application

Authors: Francesco Meucci Niccolo Spolveri, Francesco Capanni, Stefano Rossin (GE Oil & Gas)

Case Study 19: Investigation of Steam Turbine Blade Failure

Authors: Ashutosh Vengurlekar Robert D Fisher (ExxonMobil Research and Engineering), Yuki Nakamura, Yuichi Sasaki, Satoshi Hata, Kyoichi Ikeno (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation)

Case Study 20: Vibration Field Problem Resolved with Analytical Diagnostic Approach and Innovative Impeller Design

Authors: Bruno Schiavello Giancarlo Cicatelli

Case Study 21: Measurements and Analysis of High Machine Vibration - A case Study of Screw Compressor Rub

Authors: Sherief Mekawey Dum Muele Kuebari (GE M&C Bently Nevada)

Case Study 22: A Solution to Years of High Vibration Problems in Three Reinjection Compressor Trains Running at 33 MPA Discharge Pressure

Authors: Barry J. Blair Jong Kim (Waukesha Bearings Corporation), Marcio Felipe dos Santos (PETROBRAS)

Case Study 23: Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine Operational Failure and Design Enhancement

Authors: Kunarak Kunakulsawat (PTT Public Company Limited) Daniel Baun (Sulzer Pumps USA)

Case Study 24: Do You Have a Mechanical Seal Refurbishing Shop in Your Complex?

Authors: Mohit Sabharwal Arun Kumar, Dilip Paliwal (HMEL)

Case Study 25: Revolving Vane Mechanism: A Novel Pumping Mechanism

Author: OOI Kim Tiow (Nanyang Technological University)

Short Courses

Short Course 1: Pump Cavitation - Physics, Prediction, Control, Troubleshooting

Author: Bruno Schiavello

Short Course 2: Reciprocating compressor 101 - Construction, Operating Principles and Maintenance Guidelines

Authors: Andre Eijk (TNO), Thomas Emminger (HOERBIGER)

Short Course 3: Vibration Problems and Solutions in Pumps and Turbomachinery

Authors: Bill Marscher, Eric J. Olson

Short Course 4: Centrifugal Compressors 101

Authors: Mark Kuzdzal, Jay Koch (Dresser-Rand)

Short Course 5: Magnetic Bearings in Turbomachinery

Authors: Joseph Tecza, Rasish Khatri (Dresser-Rand), Richard Shultz (Waukesha Magnetic Bearings), Stan Uptigrove (ExxonMobil)

Short Course 6: Basic Knowledge of Steam Turbine Short Course, ST-101/201 Combined

Authors: Kyochi Ikeno, Makoto Katagake, Satoshi Hata, Takuro Koda

Short Course 7: Introduction to Industrial Gas Turbines

Authors: Rainer Kurz, Klaus Brun (Southwest Research Institute)

Short Course 8: Babbitted Bearing Operation and Diagnosis

Authors: John Whalen, Lim Lee Seng (ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd), C. Hunter Cloud (BRG Machinery Consulting LLC)

Short Course 9: Lateral Rotordynamics of Petrochemical Equipment - Review, Examples and Problems

Author: John Kocur

Short Course 10: Materials in Centrifugal Compressor and Steam Turbines: Selection, Processing, and Repair

Authors: Scot Laney, Derrick Bauer, David Dowson (Elliott Group)